Our Help And Support

There is range of questions and information that is frequently asked by our customers. In this half we will try to answer your queries in shortest possible form.


We take pride in claiming that we are working to increase the profit and clientage base of real estate agents. To serve that purpose we are offering different packages. However, frequently asked questions and their answers regarding packages are:

1. What are the charges of the packages for Agents i.e. Real Estate Agents?

We believe in minimalist approach. Thus we assure you of minimal charges without any hidden charges. However, specifically we are offering two types of packages for agents. (i) Silver (ii) Gold

2. What are the charges of the packages for Corporates?

That, too, are minimal and without any kind of hidden charges. However, for corporation(s) we believe that they require all out efforts for boosting their business. Thus, we have segregated them from agents hence, platinum category is been introduced.

3. Promotions

Currently, there are different promotions underway that offer to promote your business with much fanfare at discounted price.


In this section, we offer you to submit property(ies) for Property Listing coupled with property searching, Hot and Super-Hot ads and many more.

1. How to submit the property?

Property can be submitted by resorting to following procedure:

A. Type of Property Add (Hot or Super-Hot).

B. Choose Property Nature (Sale, Purchase, or Rent).

C. Choose Property Type (House, plot, and commercial).

D. Features of Property. However, there is a compulsory caveat to upload Pictures and Description of Property in 100 words.

E. Contact details.

F. Submission of property.

However, further details can be sought by simply clicking the link given below:

2. How to search the property?

Our customers are mainly of two types:

It is not mandatory for customers to have an account with us. They can simply visit mid-right side of our home page. They can find properties of every kind at every price and location.

We believe in facilitating our customers. For that purpose we have allocated separate Property ID’s to Real Estate Agents. Real Estate Agents can search their property by entering the Property ID on the top right side of the website.

3. How to submit HOT/SUPER HOT Ads?

When you start submission of your property the first step the website requires from you is to choose the type of Ad. We are offering three types of ads:

4. How to Update the Property?

After logging in, enter you property ID and you will be able to update and amend your property.

5. How can I find/search my submitted property?

You can search property through following means:

· Agents can find the Property in their Agency Profile


This section is written to exclusively guide you regarding your common questions i.e. how to register agency, how to verify agency, etc.

1. How to register my Agency?

Real Estate Agents can get themselves registered (free of cost), by clicking on the top right side of our website. They can add Company name, Service description, Contact details, Address, and Company Logo. However, for your convenience the link is given below:

2. How to verify my Agency?

You can verify your agency only by buying our packages. However, for further details call our customer care.

3. How to become a Titanium Agency?

By subscribing to our platinum Package you can become Titanium Agency. This package is most featured package of our company that boosts the ranking of your agency by different means.

4. How to find my registered agency?

When you register to our Company, a Profile is created. Afterwards, you can find your registered agency by entering your email id.


In this portion, we will guide regarding your Profile that how can you update your Profile and how can you add staff in your Profile.

1. How to update my Profile?

You only have to log-in to your account and click on your profile option. You can make amendments of all kinds by resorting to your profile. However, if you’re registered as an agency then you can update your profile from your dashboard as well as from your profile.

2. How to add staff in my profile?

The staff can be added from your profile dashboard. The column will require necessary details of your staff. It is pertinent to mention here that you can add as many staff members as you desire.


In this section you will be provided basic information regarding Change of Location of Property.

1. How to change the location of my property?

After logging-in you can click on to your profile that is given on top right side of the website. The option ‘My Property’ will emerge on your screen. Just click on that option and find your property and edit it as per your requirements and convenience.