What to Expect from the real estate market of Pakistan in 2020

Real estate is one of the leading industries in Pakistan. It is considered as the most profitable business in all over the world. If you are wondering about the growth of the Real estate market of Pakistan in 2020 you need to understand the property business in 2019. There are many things that have unfortunately effect property business in 2019. It is finalized that there was slow progress in the property business last year. There are certain things which are showing positive indicator for property business in 2020.

Here are some of the important which make a larger impact on the real estate market of Pakistan in 2020.


Value of Dollar

If you are a Pakistan citizen you have a clear idea of how much raise and downfall in the value of Dollar impact on every business sector in Pakistan. Due to the unstabilized economy, there was an increase in the value of the dollar which affects not only real estate but all other sectors of business.

The value of the dollar is quite stable now and it is expected that soon there will be a downfall in the value of the dollar. There are many things that directly relate to property business that’s why we can expect that there will be a good boom in the real estate market of Pakistan in 2020. If we analyze the construction business definitely its also depends a lot on the value of the dollar. The economy is quite stabilized now so in 2020 there will be a positive change in the real estate business in Pakistan.


Middle East Impact                                                         

Pakistan real estate industry depends a lot on its real estate business of the middle east. It is assumed that as the property business is not good in the middle east so there can be a good foreign and local investment in the real estate market of Pakistan in 2020. There is currently a recession going on in the real estate sector of the middle estate. Pakistan's government is also encouraging foreign investment, especially in the real estate sector so there is a lot of positive expectation from this point of view in 2020. All the top real estate agents are also investing from the start of 2020 in the real estate sector.


Role of CPEC

China Pakistan Economic Corridor is definitely the game-changer for the economy of Pakistan. Due to a lot of investment in different sectors in Pakistan, there will be a huge boom in many sectors of Pakistan. It is expected to have a lot of business, trade and employment opportunities due to CPEC. Dubai is currently the center of hub for many sectors but as security conditions are quite better now so the world is moving towards Pakistan as the most favorable county for business.


Pakistan has a seaport on the most ideal location of the world which connects through the sea with all the major countries of the world. There will be a lot of improvements in the energy sector, Infrastructure which brings a very positive impact on the real estate sector as well.

Recently the government has announced the master plan related to development in Gwadar. It’s a great plan with a separate allocation of different industrial zones. This is a very favorable time for the real estate sector to invest in the Property for sale in Gawadar. It will be the soon the next destination for real estate investor and its overall boost the other sectors include real estate market in Pakistan.


Pakistan Economy

2018 PTI with leading margin wind the general election and now they are running the government in Pakistan. There were a lot of problems at the start as the economy was not stable. This new government takes necessary measures by increasing tax and try to make the economy more stabilized. There was a very bad situation due to tax increment and new policies introduced by the government.

In 2020 the economy is quite better and stable. It is also expected to have stability in the government for the next general election so that’s why business is getting better day by day. Tax increment and new policies make people worried a little but there is a lot of favorable policies from government and good news related to the economy and stability of the government that’s why in 2020 it is expected that there will be a positive change in real estate market of Pakistan.


Tax Policies

There was an increase in tax on the property sector which discourages the buyers and sellers along with investors in the real estate sector in 2019. The government understands the situation and as the economy is better now the government providing many rebates and relations in different ways to the real estate sector. There will be additional taxes on Properties for sale. This will give confidence to real estate agents, investors, and buyers which is definitely in favor of the property business in 2020.



Yes, it true that things are not favorable as much as it is expected in 2019 however there are certain indicators that are in favor of the real estate market in 2020. There is a very good economic condition, new opportunities, and growth to be expected. Pakistan has taken control of its security issues which was a major threat to the economy of Pakistan.

China as an economic friend of Pakistan investing a lot in different sectors of Pakistan which simply makes the value of property in more demand. The government is also encouraging the real estate sector by providing rebates. Buyers and sellers are showing interest and confidence and there is expected to be political stability which impacts a lot on the real estate sector.


Property Portal in Pakistan

Zameenforyou as Pakistan leading property sector has a close view on the real estate sector with the help of leading real estate agents. We will keep you update regarding the ups and downs of the real estate sector in Pakistan. We as Pakistan's best real portal love to be with you regarding your property business especially in 2020.


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