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Bahria town is the symbol of luxury high-class living standards in Pakistan. They are simply the new landmark of a high-class residential housing society in Pakistan. There every project is fully secure and enriches within numerous high standard living and commercial facilities. Bahria town is a well-known project in Islamabad. Sunset Homes is the luxury villas project located in Bahria Town Islamabad. It’s actually a joint venture between Aimal Builders and Velvet Bricks private limited. These both are well known real estate builders working on other popular housing projects as well in Islamabad. You can get all the basic information in details including sunset homes payment plans.


Bahria Enclave is a great place in Islamabad for residential and commercial places. It is linked with all the main places in Islamabad. It is surrounded by a natural environment of Margills hills along with a centralized location near to all main commercial and residential parts of Islamabad. You can enjoy a high standard laving with the maximum amenities in Bahria Enclave.


If you are living in Lahore and don’t want to invest in Islamabad here property Details in Bahria town Lahore also available and you can get all this for better comparison between both cities. Sunset Homes offers exclusively high standard villas in the M sector of Bahria Enclave. In this project semi-furnished villas are available.



Sunset Homes offers exclusively high standard villas in the M sector of Bahria Enclave. In this project, semi-furnished houses along with beautiful well-planned villas are available in size between 35 x 70. Firstly it is one of the main locations available in Bahria Town Islamabad. Bahria Enclave is also very much famous part of Bahria Town. It is a centralized location and easily linked with all the major parts of the city.



If we discuss the price of these high standard villas we need to know the most important about this project. This project is based on high-class villas but the payment plans are designed in such a way that it is easily affordable. Here are the prices of 2 types of villas which are also available in 1, 2-year installments. You can make a comparison as there are also Villas on installments in Islamabad available outside Bahria which are also really affordable.

4 Bedroom Villa total prices are 24,950,000

5 Bedroom Villa Total Price is   25,950,000



Bahria town is well popular for its standardized basic and luxurious facilities to its residents. Here are the main facilities you can avail of in Sunset Homes Bahria Enclave.


24/7 Electricity Facility

If you are familiar with energy crises in Pakistan you know how much it is blessings in Pakistan to have a 24/7 electricity facility. Bahria on the top priority understands how this is important for its residents and that’s why it is providing a 24/7 Electricity facility. Now you don’t need to worry about anything and you enjoy high standard life with your family with 24/7 electricity availability.


Hospitalization Facility             

If we talk about the basic and the most important things nothing is better and superior to your health. It doesn’t matter how much you care about yourself there can be a medical emergency anytime, anywhere. It's important that you and your family must have access to the best hospitalization facilities near your residential places. In Bahria Enclave Islamabad you can get the best health facilities 24/7. It is very much important for the safety of you and your family and that’s why it's important that you choose Bahria town as your first priority.


24/7 Fire and Ambulance Services       

There can be a medical emergency as well as fire issues in your home or offices. Its important you will get an immediate response in such an emergency situation. Now you can avail 24/7 fire and ambulance services.


Parks & Zoo             

Bahria Town is working on providing the eco- friendly environment and along with all modern technology. They are providing different theme parks &Zoo for providing an eco-friendly environment along with the best entertainment facilities. You with your family can live a healthy life with your family around with green parks in a nature-friendly environment.


Cine Gold Cinema

Entertainment facilities are also available in top priority and now you can enjoy world-class entertainment facilities in Cine Gold Cinema which is high-class cinema halls.


Shopping Hall         

Bahria Enclave has world-class shopping facilities. You will have access to all the world-class brands and commercial facilities. It's a great facility as you have access to all the best supermarkets and shopping areas.


Education System

Education is the most important for your children. Everybody prefers to have a high-quality education system for children. You will have the best education facility in sunset Home Bahria Enclave. Beacon House is one of the reputed names regarding the education system and they are providing high-quality education facilities.


Safe & Secure Gated Community  

Bahria town is focused on providing a safe & Secure Gated Community. It is very important to have a high and safe and most important secure housing society. You can have a well secure, safe community in Bahria Enclave.


Additional Benefits

If you are looking for a house for sale in Islamabad you may have multiple options but you will have multiple benefits if you choose this high-class residential facility. Sunset Homes providing safe & Secure villas which are the best living facility. It is available in an easy facility with all the basic facilities. It’s a very good community area for living a high standard of living in the center of Bahria Town Islamabad.

These Villas are well beautiful constructed with open wide kitchen, Washroom, Bedroom. It also includes a separate study room, beautiful stairs with a servent quarter as well. Its overall build in such a way that you can enjoy a high luxury life with comfort.