Top selling Real Estate & Property Projects in 2019

There is no doubt that 2019 was a little confusing as there were a lot of new government policies and taxes related to property business. However, we have seen a good boost even in such an unfavorable condition. Congratulations to those who have invested and earn through the real estate sector last year.

The best thing is that at the end of the year things are looking more positive as the government is looking forward to uplift the real estate sector and has also stabilized the economy. Today we will evaluate some of the best projects of 2019 which plays a major contribution to the economic sector of Pakistan. These housing projects remain popular and also showing a tendency for growth in the future. Here are some of the popular names of the best real estate projects of 2019.



Gawadar is the next trade hub of Pakistan. It will be a game-changer for the economy of Pakistan and that’s why the government is providing a lot of rebates and facilitation for the growth and development of Gawadar. The government has started working on the master plan of Gwadar and shows all the upcoming development along with routes and infrastructure which has open numerous new opportunities for the people relates to trade, business, and property. Plots for sale in Gawadar is available now.

It was in high interest of people for investment and in 2020 it will be the favorite destination of the real estate sector. In the future, there will be huge business possibilities in the Gwadar and it will bring many new opportunities ahead.


Defense RAYA Golf AND Country Club            

If we talk about the leading residential and commercial housing project in 2019. Defense Raya Golf and Country Club were one of the leading.DHA is the leading real estate development group n Pakistan all over Pakistan with many successful projects in collaboration with Bandar Raya Development Berhad(BRDB) launched the most lavish housing project of Lahore. It is a totally international standard with high-class amenities and a superb environment. Property details of Defense RAYA Golf AND Country Club available on our property portal.          


This project is on the most centralized location near to DHA –phase vi. It is equally near to all the important destinations, especially to Allama Iqbal International Airport.BRDB in the world is famous for its luxury and beautiful projects. They have provided all high standard facilities in the beautiful environment of Defense Raya and look like a golf country with lavish villas which is an extremely perfect residential environment for your family. This project in 2019 attracts a lot to investors along with the general public also show interest in residential and commercial plots.


Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is the best property brand in Pakistan. It is well established in many other cities but if we specifically talk about the Bahria town Karachi. It is the biggest housing project in Bahria town till now with unlimited facilitation and benefits. First of all, it is covered in a large area with a green and lavish atmosphere and architecture.

It is right on Super Highway covered in a large area. It includes all world-class facilities along with sports, entertainment and much more. Residential along with commercial plots are available which includes commercial markets, shopping malls, amusement parks. You can find Property Details in Bahria Town Karachi from our blogs.

It also includes the best security system, state of the art health and education facility along with Pakistan 3rd Largest Mosque, Cricket Stadium, Sports complex under the banner of Bahria town which is already well reputed for their residential housing project. They are one of the leading real estate developers in Pakistan. It is one of the leading project of 2019 and still there is a lot of positive response related to this housing project.


DHA Multan

After Bahria Town undoubtedly DHA is the leading property brand in Pakistan. After its successful many projects in Lahore, Islamabad, Peshwar DHA is building a new real estate project in Multan. It's a big project of Dha in a large area, consist of different blocks containing residential as well as commercial plots of different sizes. It is also a well secure and high standard housing project for south Punjab.

Multan is one of the popular cities of south Punjab and DHA Multan just like the best housing project till now for south Punjab. It includes all the main facilities like utilities, best roads, security, parks, commercial markets with a green and eco-friendly environment. All the property details of DHA Multan available in our blogs.


Lahore Motorway City

It is also a beautiful housing project on the most idealized location in Lahore on a motorway. It is also well established with all modern facilities and is a very popular project in 2019 and looking to be more developed as well as in top sales in 2020. You can get all in Property details in Lahore Motorway City from our site.


Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria town Karachi is the leading property project as it covers a large area with a lot of facilities and amenities however we can't ignore the importance of Bahria town Lahore. World-class infrastructure and architecture make it the most beautiful housing project. Bahria Town Lahore was the project which provides actually boost to the Bahria Town. It is the most secure housing project with equal opportunities for the commercial sector. You can find the latest property details of Bahria Town Lahore from our portal.

It includes all the basic along with lavish facilities to its best like education, hospital, electricity, security, fire, sports, entertainment facilities, etc. Eiffel tower is one of the famous and beautiful architecture in Pakistan which is very much famous especially on new year's night. It also the leading property project in 2019, however now Bahria town is focused more on Bahria Town Karachi and looking to launch Bahria Town Peshwar in 2020.



The following are the major leading property project of 2019 and also looking to grow in 2020. However there are many other housing projects which show a positive approach even in 2019 which is not favorable for property.2020 is looking more stable for the economy and that’s why it is expected that there will be a huge boost in the property sector. Zameenforyou is always promoting property business for housing societies along with top real estate agents. May this year bring a lot of prosperity for your business.