Top Picnic Points in Islamabad that you should Visit

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan since 1960. It is located on the northwest of the country on the pothar plateau. This capital city was chosen in commission in 1959 when Karachi was considered unsuitable for capital. Islamabad, as compared to other cities of Pakistan is much cleaner, safe and had beautiful weather with snowfall, mountain, lakes, and greenery.

The city urban area is divided into eight zones, Administrative, Industrial zone, Educational zone, Diplomatic and residential zone. Islamabad includes head offices of all security departments, political departments, National Assembly, presidential house, ministers colony, and other important head offices that why its security is always on its best in Pakistan. Due to so much importance, it is considered as the most valuable place for residential and commercial purpose. If you are looking for a house for sale in Islamabad you can easily find it with an online portal. It is also the best place to picnic with your family and friends.

Here are the top picnic points of Islamabad.


Faisal Mosque

Pakistan is an Islamic state. Islamabad represents Pakistan that why Faisal Mosque is the most iconic religious structure. It is a symbol of Islamabad and Pakistan. It is the largest mosque of Pakistan with an area of 5000m square and can be seen from almost every part in the territory of Islamabad. It is located in the foothills of margilla hills. It has a unique view like Arabic tent with four minarets and designed by a Turkish engineer. It was completed in 1986 with the monetary help of Saudi Arabic King Shah Faisal. It is the most visited place of Islamabad for Muslims and foreigners. Its peaceful environment with fascinating beauty is really admirable.


The Pakistan Monument

It is also known as National Monument as well as the biggest heritage Museum of Pakistan. It is located on the western shakarparian hills. It consists of a 2.8-hectare area. Its building is also uniquely designed which consist of four large petals representing Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and pakthun with three small petal representing minorities  Azad Kashmir and tribal areas of Pakistan.

It is actually dedicated to the people who struggle for the independence of Pakistan, they sacrifice their lives, wealth and everything for Pakistan. It narrates the history with monuments and the story of the creation of Pakistan, unity of provinces. It is also rich with Mughal architect of the subcontinent. If you want to explore the history and culture of Pakistan that is the best place to visit in Islamabad.


Saidpur Village

If you looking for a natural village environment with historic touch this village is just the perfect place to Visit. It is a historical Pakistan village located in the beautiful margilla hills Islamabad. Saidpur is named on famous sultan said Khan, which was a great ruler of his time.

It contains special food street, Hindu temple, Sikh gurdwara and many things from ancient civilization culture. You must visit this place because of its mesmerizing beauty. Historical colorful building, houses, best place to family get together, photogenic scene and view of margilla hills simply make it a perfect visiting place.


Lok Virsa Museum

It is also the second heritage museum in Islamabad, which mainly focused on history and living culture of Pakistan. It is managed and controlled by Lok Virsa National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage. It can accommodate up to 3000 people at one time. It includes monuments of Sufis and shrine hall, look Virsa Library contains 32000 books on culture, research, and history.

Virsa media center contain video and audio content about the culture of Pakistan. It is also the most recommended visiting place in Islamabad. This museum is really closed to the people of Pakistan as they love their culture and its always great to watch how this culture is different from other cultures and what makes it so much important.


Margalla hills & Daman e Koh

It is the most beautiful hill range which is the part of Himalayan foothills located within margalla hills national park. It has a beautiful green track for sports lovers and fitness freaks. It has flora and fauna which contain more than 300 species of plants. It is also home of various animal species. Some common species are of monkey, birds, leopard, fishes, and reptiles. It a great place with lovely weather, green natural pathway with springs and beauty which make it very much good for family and friend together or picnic. Daman e Koh is also on Margiela hills which is a path full of exciting hill tracks.

Daman e Koh is a hilltop garden north of Islamabad. Daman e Koh name is the conjugation of the Persian word which means foothills. It is the most desirable visiting place in Islamabad.


Rawal Lake

It is Pakistan artificial water reservoir. its provide water to Rawalpindi and surroundings. Its covered 8.8km square area.All the area covered with plants and flowering trees which makes a wonderful picnic point. You can also enjoy some adventure sports there such as boating, sailing, water skating. It is also full of water species of fishes and other animals. It's simply a great place for a picnic with family and friends.


Monal Restaurant

If you are looking to enjoy food in Islamabad, Monal undoubtedly the best place to visit. You can enjoy a wide range of oriental food, especially Pakistani cuisine. Monal is one of a highly rated restaurant in Islamabad due to its taste of food as well as outstanding location and environment. It is situated right on the top of margalla hills.

You enjoy high-quality sightseeing under cool weather and natural top view of Islamabad along with food. If you are are a foodies lover it is the most recommended place to visit for you with your friends and family. You can enjoy indoor-outdoor dining and also a great night view of Islamabad.


Jinnah Super Market

It is one of the famous supermarkets in Islamabad. It is a good place for the shopping and enjoys with your family and friends over there. It includes all the top national and international brands.



Islamabad is the beautiful city of Pakistan for a picnic. You can enjoy with your friends and family. If you are looking to find a residential place to live in Islamabad or best real estate agent in Islamabad, you can find it easily through Zameenforyou which is Pakistan best Real estate portal.