Top 11 Visiting places in Lahore that you should visit

Lahore is recognized as Paris of the east. It is enriched with cultural heritage, festivals, and food stalls. It is known as the hub of trade in Pakistan and very much popular for his hale people, events, celebrations, and social gatherings, overall a perfect place to visit. We will discuss all the top picnic points which you can visit in Lahore to enjoy its culture, food, art, and history. Zameenforyou is the best online property portal you can use to find a property in Lahore.


Badshahi Mosque

Pakistan is an Islamic state. It is well known for his religious historical buildings. Badshahi mosque is one of the best religious art of the Muslim Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. This mosque is the biggest in Pakistan which was built in the mid 16th century. It has a large area, beautiful design, art, and fascinating religious environment. In front of this mosque, there is the tomb of Dr.Allama Iqbal which is known as the poet of the east. Dr. Allama Iqbal was very famous for his religious poetry and books, especially for Muslims.

This mosque for his religious value, history, and art known as the best place to visit in Lahore. Badshahi Mosque is totally built with red sandstone and has the capacity of 40,000 people in a single prayer.


Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila is the combination of art, history, and culture of the Mughal emperor. It was built in the 11th century by Mahmood Ghazni, after that Aurangzeb, Sikhs, and British empire built that fort. It is one of the great historical cultures represents the Mughal emperor.

The best things to visit there is the art on the picture wall, Sheesh Mahal, khilawat khana, Sikh era naag temple, Moti Masjid, Maktab Khana and a lot more historical things. This place is really a masterpiece of art and history and one of must visited place in Lahore.


Masjid Wazir Khan

Masjid Wazir Khan is the perfect combination of calligraphy and art with floral decoration, simply an artistic monument in Lahore. It is also an example of Mughals art and their love for their religion. It was built 1634-35 AD by Shah Jahan. It is also known as a mole on the cheek of Lahore.A glorious building near Delhi gate in Lahore.

 It was completed in 7 years and was one of the best artistic mosques from that time. It is situated in walled city which is known as the small world in a huge city of Lahore. It is also a beautiful place to visit in Lahore.


Lahore Museum

As Lahore is a historical city it is also the center of many old civilizations in the past. Today it is a famous city so it is full of different civilization art like British, Sikhs, Mughal emperor, Indus civilization and Gandhara civilization. Lahore Museum is the largest museum in all Pakistan covering monuments of all old and modern civilizations.

 It was built in 1864 and also visited by Queen Victoria grandson. Its design pattern is the same as the Mughal emperor artwork. It is near the Tollinton market which is a famous market in Lahore. It is a must visited place if you like history and culture, there are artifacts, artwork, sculptures, painting, coins and much more of different civilization which is very attractive and informative as well.


Bahria Town Lahore

It is the leading housing project in Lahore with all world class luxurious. It is also a great place for entertainment in Lahore. It is mainly famous for his event celebration, also there is a copy of the Eiffel tower in this town which is very popular You can find a house for sale in Bahria town Lahore from the online portal.


Lahore Wagha Border

Pakistan came into being in 1947 from India from that time there are clashes between both countries. Pakistan is full of patriotic people and you can check glimpse of their patriotism on wagha border. It is located on GT Road Lahore to Amritsar. It is famous for wagha border ceremony between Pakistan and India. Its also a great place to visit, enjoy and get motivated.


Food Street

Lahore is always famous for his hospitality and food. You can get the best quality of that food in the food street of Lahore located between fort road and roshnai gate near Lahore Fort. You can enjoy the best quality food over there which is popular all over the world. Some of the famous food items and food brands of food street are as follows:

Butt Karahi, Lassi, Taj puri wala, Amratsari Hareesa, Nihari, Lahori charga, Fish and tawa chicken.

You can enjoy all those food items in the food street in a beautiful atmosphere. These are also the top Pakistani food which is equally well known all over the globe. The food street is known as a specialist in these food items. Many visitors all around the world and locals love to eat food from food street if you are a food lover nothing can be great than this food street.


Anarkali Bazaar

It is one of the historical bazar(street) of Lahore. It is famous for shopping in Lahore. This bazaar is a really cheap market place for best quality clothing, shoes, and many other items including traditional Pakistani karhai clothes. These clothes are really expensive and famous for their special artwork. You can also enjoy good quality food in Anarkali bazar as well as can do the shopping for your family and friends. It is one of the most popular bazaars from the 16th century.


Fortress Stadium

Lahore is also the most civilized and modern city of Pakistan. Fortress stadium is the best entertaining place in Lahore. It is famous for shopping of all world-class brands, amusement park, cinema, and fast food brand. It is overall a combination of all modern enjoyment at one place.


Emporium Mall

It is the largest shopping mall of Lahore include all the top international brands. It is known as the best place for shopping in Lahore as well as for entertainment, It is a must visit place in Lahore for shopping, enjoyment, and fun.


Mini Golf Club

Besides history, culture, food, and shopping you can also enjoy golf in mini golf club Lahore. It is a high standard golf club with amazing view and atmosphere. You can enjoy golf here with your friends for enjoyment and relaxation.

Lahore is completely one of the best visiting city with a touch of history, culture, food and a lot more. You can enjoy with your friends and family as it’s a safe city with hospitable people which can make you every journey really enjoyable in Lahore. After knowing all the Visiting places of lahore you will Desire to live in this city. So you can also Find Property to live in this beautiful City by using our online real estate portal.