Top 10 Secrets You Don't Know About Lahore

Lahore is the ancient city of Pakistan rich with ancient culture, architecture, and monuments, and today it’s the well-developed city of Pakistan. People from all over the world used to travel in Lahore as it’s the main hub of education, trade, business, employment, etc. Property in Lahore is always in high demand if you are looking plots for sale in Lahore for the business purpose you can easily find from Pakistan the best online real estate portal Zameenforyou. Maybe you are familiar a lot with Lahore but there are some secrets of this city that are unknown to even peoples of Pakistan. Here are some details are given below.

1) Secret Walled City

Honestly, did you know this famous ancient city, don’t be surprised because even a majority in Lahore are unfamiliar with this inner city of Lahore? This city has a specific ancient view, Narrow Streets and a different representation of Lahore. There are also very famous food stalls and more fun with religious monuments. It’s really a fascinating place to visit in Lahore. This city is near to Lahore fort and well known for its food stalls and other culture. You can find Luxury Apartments on Rent in Lahore near the walled city.


2) Secret Holy Places

Pakistan is an Islamic country, and that’s why religious sculptures, monuments, and buildings are always liked by the people of Pakistan. There are many secrets spiritual and religious holy shrines which are very much famous and valuable but still, it’s hidden for a majority of people.

Moti Masjid is the most spiritual place in the Lahore fort. This mosque is considered very special as the Mughal emperor used to prayers in this mosque. It is also considered a hunted place, as it is famous that Jinnat also used to pray in this mosque. It's really a secret and great spiritual place to visit in Lahore.

There are also many holy shrines that are very famous in Lahore but still unknown. It included Miani Sahib Graveyard, Peer Makki Shah, Hazrat Baba Shah Kamal, Hazrat Baba Shah Jamal, Masjid Wazir Khan, and Bibi Pak Daman Lahore. These all are hidden still very much popular holy places in Lahore.

3) Food Paradise

You know how many people of Lahore are foodies lover and if you are also a food lover, you have an idea about food street Lahore and all the top quality places regarding food but wait, still there are a lot of places which are very famous for its special food but still not everybody taste their food. It includes Baba Sheikh Fish in ichra which are well known for their fish quality.

There is a secret breakfast available only on Sunday at Salt n Pepper in Gulberg MM Alam Road. You must also try Waffle cold products from main market, special pan from the defense mor, Bakery products of BABA BAKERS and above all tea from PAK Tea House which is very famous. You can also find my food brands in top housing societies in Lahore.

4)  Amazing Parks

Lahore is known as the city of gardens and very popular for its greenery. There are many amazing parks in Lahore which are very famous, but there is a park unknown to many people despite providing many facilities free of cost. It is actually Jam-e-Shirin Park near liberty. You can have free yoga classes in this park and also enjoy beautiful gym services free of cost. If you love free things, you can enjoy the best quality of Jam-e-Shirin drinks.

5) Secret Wild Life

If you are a little adventurous or animal lover, you must visit safari park, not in South Africa but it's available in Lahore as well. You can adventure out there and can live closely between wild animals through a safety van. It's really a fun place.

6) Elite Class Education

There is a general myth that all the high standard educational institutes are only for high elite class people but there is a secret that now you can also enjoy the same education and atmosphere in a nominal amount of money. These high elite class education systems include Lums, NCA and Punjab University. You can now learn in these high-class educational universities through short courses that are also very affordable.

7) 5-star school

Here is the secret of the great education system in Pakistan. If you have enough resources and you want to educate your children with all the best facilities, there is a perfect 5-star school for you with the name of Learning Alliance. It’s the first school education system of Pakistan that provided highly stranded education along with medical facilities regularly. It also extensively focuses on student mood and attitude and behavior. It’s one of the great schools for high stranded growth of every child.

8) Economical Shopping Places

Lahore is a fun place that cannot be complete without shopping. People of Lahore are known as open-heart people. They love to celebrate every event and how can that celebrate be at its best without shopping. You can get economical shopping from Ichra, Station, Azam Market, Anar kali and Kareem Block. These are not the top places, but you can get economical shopping of high standard products from these markets.

 9) Salmat Pura Market

This is a secret market where you can get everything at an economical price. You can find imported machinery products, electronic, mechanical, and everything you need for your business.


10) City Of Opportunities

Last but not least there is a lot of problems in Lahore for outsiders but there is the great secret of this city it’s a city of opportunities. If you are hardworking, ambitious this city can help you achieve your goals and that’s why people of Pakistan preferred to live in Lahore. If you are also looking for a house of rent in Lahore, you can find it from It is the best online real estate portal providing residential, commercial, and cooperative property as its registered users used to list their properties on this portal. You can find House for sale in Lahore as well from this portal.