The Motor City Karachi – Project Details, Location, Prices

Karachi is one of the leading cities of Pakistan with the maximum population as compared to all other cities of Pakistan. It’s mainly an industrial city with many beautiful housing projects. The motor city Karachi is the most advanced and unique housing project in Karachi. It is developing by Sheikhani Group which is a Dubai based real estate organization and well famous for its luxurious housing projects. This Karachi project is named as motorway city because there will be racing tracks of cars around the housing society. This will be high standard racing tracks where there will be a properly organized racing facility available for fun and entertainment. You can get all the latest Property for sale in the motor city.


In this housing project, there will be a proper combination of high standard living along with the sports complex. This project is based on some interesting projects in Europe where residents can fully entertain themselves as a community with sports like racing. This facility is available for residents along with non-residents. If you are a true sports lover or want a community where along with the best residential facilities you can enjoy high standard sports enthusiasm, this housing society is perfect for you.



If we look down at the location of the Motor city Karachi we get to know that it is not only on the most centralized location which directly linked with all the main city roads, markets, shopping malls, and main areas but it is also on the most famous area of Karachi. The Gulshan-e-Myanmar is almost 2 minutes from this motor city. If we talk about the main roads Super Highway Karachi which is located very close to the society. This society linked with all the major housing projects and main roads. This society is also linked with Malir Link Road which is just a few minute's drive away. Other important links are Sohrab Goth which is just a 25-minute drive away. The famous Fazia Housing Scheme is also next to this housing project. This housing project is also in the most centralized location in the city of Lights. You can easily access all the major parts of the city and this just adds value to this housing society.


Project Plan

This housing project along with sports and entertainment also focused on providing high class well planned residential plots. If we analyze the master plan which is also available on the main website of the housing society we get to know that it is mainly divided into two main categories on the base of the size of the plots offered to the general public. It also includes innovative ideas by using the latest technology and providing state of the art accommodation facility. You can find detail about Plot for sale in Karachi Motor city.


This Motor City is divided into two main categories.


In this, well planned residential plots are offered of size 125 sq. yds. It is the most ideal size for residential in Karachi and perfect for a small family of 4-5 members. It’s a perfect option for investment as well.


This category contains residential plots of a larger size between 250 sq.Yard. It is very suitable for a medium and large family.

Soon the developers are looking forward to forwarding villas in this housing project however there is also the availability of commercial property which is also in top demand and a great investment opportunity.

These villas are part of Phase II of Motor city project Karachi named VAUDEVILLE – I & VAUDEVILLE-II.

This includes luxury villas of 125 sq., yd. and luxury villas of 250 sq., yd.


 You can avail of a single-story villa including 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and living room including lounge, kitchen, lobby, and car porch. It consists of two portions and is designed very elegantly on the pattern of modern living.


This single unit villas are based on 250 sq., yd. It also includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, 3 bathrooms, terrace along with servant quarter with attached bath. Overall these villas are properly designed and provide all lavish standard living.


Payment Plan

Motor City Karachi In this housing project providing plots that are mainly available in two categories.
• Residential plots are available in two sizes including 125 & 250 sq. yds.
• Commercial plots are available in three main sizes 205, 300 & 400 sq. yds.

Residential Plots.


Down Payment

36 Monthly Installments

12 Quarterly Installments

Total Price

125 Sq. Yard





250 Sq. Yard






Commercial Plots


Down Payment

36 Monthly Installments

12 Quarterly Installments

Total Price

205 Sq. Yard







This housing project is a fully international standard and including the following main features.


Gaming Arena

This housing project is focused on entertainment especially on modern gaming facilities that’s why you can enjoy with your friends and family in the gaming arena. It is an only housing project which is focusing so much on gaming and entertainment. There is a proper modern racing track along with the society where you and your family can enjoy high-class gaming.


Sports Complex           

There is a facility of the modern sports complex where you can enjoy all the other sports activities. It will be a healthy lifestyle which you can easily afford.



It is the main concern and that’s why Motor city Karachi on top priority providing high standard security facilities with the help of modern technology and security cameras.


Education Facility

Education is always the main concern for the future of your children. The best thing is that now you can avail of the best quality education facility for your children which ensures the security of the future of your children.


Entertainment Facility

Along with sports and gaming facilities, you can also enjoy entertainment facilities as modern 3D/5D cinemas are available for your entertainment.


State of Art Infrastructure

This housing society is providing high standard living facilities which included luxury villas and overall used high standard infrastructure which simply makes one of the beautiful housing society for residential and commercial purposes.


Hospital Facility           

Health is always the primary concern for everyone for the safety of your family. You can easily avail a high standard health facility in this housing society.


Green Environment     

This society not only focused on modern gaming and sports infrastructure but also providing green parks which makes the environment very much eco-friendly.


Underground Utility Installation Facility

You can avail of all the basic utility services in this housing society. The best thing is that all the utility services are totally underground which makes society more beautiful.


Carpeted Roads                                                 

All the roads inside the society are modern carpeted roads. Overall you will have all the modern and basic facilities in the best way in this Motor city Karachi.

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