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DHA Lahore is famous property brand. Houses for sale in DHA Lahore which is in top demand as it is leading Pakistan property project designed especially for civil and armed forces and it is a Nationally Recognized housing project which is providing innovative modern living standard in Pakistan.

This housing society contains all the lavish housing facilities with proper management, security and facilities of modern living that’s why it is the top choice of the wealthy class in Pakistan. You can get all the details regarding house for rent in DHA Lahore and flats for rent in DHA Lahore.

It was initially started for armed and civil forces and as the popularity of this housing project increase its demand also increase and hence it is allowed for the general public as well. This project is different and better from other housing projects in Pakistan due to certain reasons.


Different kind of property for investment in DHA

DHA is no doubt provide a lavish living standard to its residents and also great investment opportunities as well. It is equally very much important for a commercial business as well.

Here are the details of Property Rates in DHA Lahore and how you can utilize them for more benefit.


Properties for sale in DHA Lahore

DHA is a top-rated society and if you looking for a house for sale in DHA Lahore you can consult with the price table below to get an idea about different price variation in DHA. This will help you evaluate a different house, their price and how you can negotiate to make it profitable for you. You can buy a house in DHA as they are in high demand and it will definitely help you earn more profit.


Rate of houses in DHA Lahore :

5 marla house for sale

100,00,000- 200,00,000

10 marla house for sale

200,00,000 – 300,00,000

1 Kanal house for sale

350,00,000 – 550,00,000


DHA Lahore is almost expended into the maximum area of Lahore as it has more than 8 phase now which is covering the whole Lahore. Its is in very much demand and that’s why it is in so much growth. You can find many plots for sale in DHA Lahore at a reasonable price with an opportunity to invest to DHA for more profit. You can buy these plot to investment as well as for your own business and commercial purpose.

You can get an idea about the plots in DHA Lahore from following the table.


Rate of plots in DHA Lahore

5 marla plot for sale


10 marla plot for sale


1 Kanal Plot for sale




Property for Rent in DHA Lahore

If you are not a resident of DHA and unable to buy a house for sale in DHA LAHORE still there are multiple options you can use to enjoy the lavish lifestyle of DHA. You can take a house for rent in DHA LAHORE. These rental properties in this housing project are really affordable.

These rental properties are available in all block of DHA Lahore.


Rate of houses for rent in DHA Lahore:

5 marla house for rent


10 marla house for rent


1 Kanal house for rent

200,000 – 300,000



Flats are considered more suitable as it has more space for residents. In DHA flats are also in top demand. You can use these flats for rent in DHA Lahore. You can use these flats for sale and purchase as well as for renting purpose.

You can get details about the rates of flats for rent in DHA Lahore from these tables.


Rate of Flats for Rent  in DHA Lahore 

300 sqft Flat for rent


500 sqft Flat for rent


900 sqft Flat for rent




DHA is especially started for civil and armed forces that’s why its security is the top priority of the authority. They try their best to provide every modern facility that can secure the life of a resident of DHA. There is a proper large entrance gate along with security guard equipped with latest weapons. There is the latest technology used all over the DHA and specialized IT team is monitoring them day and night so that DHA can be fully secure and safe from every threat and danger.


Green environment

If you dream about a house definitely you always dreamed about a beautiful house with a green environment.LDA has special wide roads filled with green ballets. This help to maintain a green and healthy environment all over the housing society. This green environment not only adds value in this housing project from its beauty but also very much good for all ita citizen.



DHA Lahore covered a large area of the area and also provide playgrounds facilities to all the top sports. In include many indoor playgrounds as well as large outdoor playgrounds for sports like cricket and football. This provides great facilities to the young generation especially as they can enjoy different indoor and outdoor sports activities along with that overall its strength the nation physically. Lahore is one of the crowded city of Pakistan and good large playing grounds are very rare.DHA Lahore also has swimming pools, a fitness gym and much more.


Community center

DHA Lahore is the only housing project in Pakistan which is providing a great community atmosphere. It includes community centers, community gathering and much more. They help people to get connected and to make themselves entertain.



DHA Lahore providing best education facility from school to university level. All the top education brand are working in DHA Lahore and providing best education facilities all over its residents.DHA also has a well-reputed education system working very successfully.


Health facilitation

Health is always the top priority for everyone that’s why DHA providing best health facilities all over the DHA. There are different hospitals, clinic, and all the hospitalization facilities so make sure its resident can get every type of medical facility at DHA.


Profitable property

LDA Lahore is one of the prominent names because due to its high value and demand its property is always in profit and that’s why people love to invest in DHA Lahore. You can get all the details from the price mentioned in upper tables regarding different types of property. You can also get all the latest deals of DHA Lahore from Pakistan’s best online real estate portal