Property on installments in Lahore.

To own any commercial or residential property in a metropolitan is a blessing. So every person desires to own a house or plot in Lahore. But not every person is monetarily sound enough to buy a house or plot at once. Thus, to cater to the needs of these people, housing societies introduced an installment system. This system encouraged people to buy property on installments. It became easy for people to buy property on installments. As they don't have to pay a high amount at once. So, this makes an easy task for the majority to buy property on installments. Property on installments is especially appealing for jobholders. A majority of them are unable to pay a high price at once.

Installments carry many benefits both for individuals as well as housing societies. For individuals, it becomes easier to make a property. Whereas for housing societies it is a source of both income as well as customers. Are you searching for property on installments?


House for sale in Lahore on installments:

As mentioned above the house on installments is not less than a blessing for the people. Those who cannot afford it on cash. This practice has become a norm in Lahore nowadays. Thus, considering the benefits attached to a house for sale in Lahore on installments, many housing societies are undertaking this practice. Societies offer a modern design house for sale in Lahore on installments. The price of the houses varies according to the size. The amount of installments is fixed according to the location and size of the house.

Any person can apply for a house for sale in Lahore on installment. There are no set rules for allotment. The only requirement is to pay 20-25 percent amount as a down payment. The house for sale in Lahore on installments are of different sizes. That include:

  • 3 Marla house
  • 5 Marla house
  • 10 Marla house
  • 1 Kanal house

If the house is built by the society itself then the structure usually is same. Though structure differs from society to society. Structure includes:

  • Bedrooms with washrooms
  • Drawing room with dining room
  • TV lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Garage

Almost every society is offering house for sale in Lahore on installment. The high margins of profit have encouraged housing societies to do this business. Moreover, it becomes convenient for individuals to own a property without paying huge money. The major societies offering property on installments in Lahore are as follow:

  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Pak Arab housing society
  • Paragon city
  • Lahore motorway city

Zameen for you is providing a forum where customers can find the desired property. It offers lucrative deals to customers. It has more than 10,000 registered agents working in all over Lahore.


Plots on installments in Lahore:

Plots are a good source of profit for everyone. So everyone desires to own plots in Lahore. What people do is they buy a plot in areas that are not yet commercialized by LDA. There are two main reasons for this. First, the land when acquired by LDA or is commercialized becomes highly profitable. Second, the price at the time of buying is low. Many societies decided to sell plots on installments in Lahore. The use of plots can only be for residential purposes. Any other purpose would require prior approval. The size of the plots included 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. If an individual wants to build a house on the plot than he has to get prior approval from the concerned quarters. Moreover, the location of societies offering plots on installments in Lahore is ideal. Some are few kilometers distinct from main Lahore. The societies offering plots on installments in Lahore are as follow:

  • Bahria town Lahore
  • Defense Housing Authority
  • Askari housing
  • Pak Arab housing scheme

The plots on installments in Lahore are very attractive. One has to pay small amount of money to acquire plot. Otherwise few can afford to buy plot a lum-sum amount. After paying the earnest money your process starts. Than afterwards the authorities call the said person to pay the remaining amount. After the payment of said 20-30 percent the possession of plot on installments is handed over. According to policies the person has to state the purpose of plot. If a person wants to use a plot for commercial purposes than he has to get prior permission. Moreover, he is also duty bound to state the sort of commercial activities.

Home on Installments in Lahore


Homes on installments in Lahore:

The major chunk of Pakistan's population is linked with agriculture. So they cannot afford to buy a home. Furthermore, there is a shortage of one million homes in Pakistan. Housing societies have stepped in to discourage the shortage. They launched the system to buy homes on installments in Lahore and other cities also. Lahore is the hub of educational and economic activities. So nowadays every person is trying to get some kind of property in Lahore. But not everyone can afford to buy house by paying all money. The system of installments makes it easy for these people to buy a home. So different societies offer different packages for homes on installments in Lahore. The average amount of installment of 5 Marla home is 25000. Yet, it varies. Major markets, cinemas, schools, hospitals, and colleges are in the neighborhood of homes on installments in Lahore. Moreover, features include bedrooms, washrooms, TV lounge, garage, and drawing room.  Thus, majority prefers homes on installments in Lahore.


Ready homes on installments in Lahore:

Many societies are currently offering furnished homes on installments in Lahore. It is beneficial for both; the housing societies, and individuals. The majority of people buying Ready homes on installments in Lahore belongs to rural areas. So they don't know how to furnish the home. Thus societies decided to step in and fill the vacuum. Furnished homes on installments in Lahore include beds and chairs with side tables in bedrooms. Sofas in the drawing-room, TV in the TV lounge and AC in all rooms. Thus, it is easier for individuals migrating from other areas to buy furnished homes on installments in Lahore.


Zameenforyou and house on installments in Lahore:

Zameen for you is a forum where every person can find property on installments. Major housing societies of Lahore are collaborating with Zameen for you in order to market their properties. They provide houses, plots, and furnished homes on easy installments through Zameenforyou. Moreover, Zameenforyou helps our valued customers to buy properties on installments without any hassle. Therefore, it is our topmost priority to provide quality services coupled along with a secure environment for our customers. But only if they decide to buy property on installments through Zameenforyou. Additionally, Zameenforyou has launched its mobile app. Just register to our site or download the app to find the best Property in the best society.  


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