Preparation for Ramadan: Checklist before Ramadan

Ramadan is the sacred month for Muslims. In this month Muslims keep fast almost for continuous 30 days. This monthly carries a lot of importance for Muslims religiously. Allah showers His special blessing in Ramadan that’s why Muslims used to perform special prayers, dua and noble deed in Ramadan.

As Ramadan is very important, that’s why we need to prepare ourselves for Ramadan. In Ramadan, Muslims keep fast from early morning until evening. Everybody has to follow a different routine that’s why you need to prepare from today to utilize it in the best way.

Here is how you must prepare for Ramadan.


Money matters a lot even for budgeting in Ramadan. As Muslims spend more money on food & fruits, that’s why it’s important to pre-budget for better management. You must allocate your budget in the following way.

  • Food items especially for Ramadan
  • Clothes
  • Medical and an emergency budget
  • Budget for noble deeds like charity
  • The budget on household items, etc.

Routine Life

Basically, in the Holy Month, we followed a completely different routine. This quick change sometimes disturbs us and we feel more tidy and sleepy. We can manage this routine in the best way if we prepare our body from now.

We try to follow the Ramadan schedule from now. We must start our day before Ramadan and try to sleep fast as well. In some days surely, we will be able to create work-life balance. Once our routine is set before Ramadan, we can easily manage our work above all and can spend maximum time in prayers.

Prepare Home

During the fast, we avoid working hard and sometimes our important work. It’s better to maintain your home very well before Ramadan. Make all necessary cleaning, repairing, and decoration whatever is necessary. We need to prepare it for Ramadan so we can also manage our guests, prayers and everything with no problem.

Spiritual Mindset

Every deed depends upon your intention, which is directly linked with your positive mindset. Ramadan is the most sacred month, and you need to adopt a positive mindset before Ramadan.


This is how you can prepare yourself mentally before Ramadan


  • Reading prayers
  • Recite Quran
  • Follow a righteous path 
  • Perform good deeds
  • Avoid bad habits

In this way, you can change your mind in a few days. When you are already positive, you can perform more good deeds in Ramadan. You will feel more spiritual and energetic for good deeds.

Balance Work Life

Change in routine can disturb your work-life balance. Make sure you start following a strict routine from today so you won’t have any problem. Try to adjust your timings according to prayer timings.


Health / Body Care

In Ramadan, Muslims used to fast for over 16 years. It’s required strong health to manage your work as well. Make sure you build good stamina from now with exercise. Start using extra water. Avoid fast food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Ramadan is a very holy month for Muslims. We need to prepare to fully utilize it. This month, we need to perform maximum obligation prayers, recitation, and all other noble deeds. Make Allah blessed us with the blessings of Ramadan.

We need to follow all the religious teaching strictly. Islam is a complete code of life. We as Muslims believe in an afterlife and that’s why pay maximum attention to the upcoming month of Ramadan. It will help us be more religious and blessed. May God protect us and shower His countless blessings on us.