LDA approved private housing schemes in Lahore

Do you want to invest in housing societies in Lahore and are worried about the fraudulent activities? Don’t worry, today in this blog we will write in detail about the approved housing societies in Lahore. In this blog, we will provide you information regarding

  • Location of the housing society,
  • Total area.
  • And Current status regarding the availability of plots.

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However, the following are the approved housings schemes in Lahore by Lahore Development Authority.

Sr. No.

List of approved Housing Societies


Canal View Cooperative Housing Society


Chinar Bagh Housing Society


Bahria Town-Safari


Fazai housing scheme


Green Fort


IEP Town


Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Scheme 


Izmir Town




Lake City


Nawab Town


Naddi Kinary


NESPAK Cooperative EMP


Pak-Arab Housing Society


Pakistan Atomic Energy Housing Society


PIA Housing scheme


Sui Northern Cooperative Housing Scheme


Sukh Chain Garden


Valencia Housing Society


Wapda Town


1. Canal View Cooperative Housing Society:

This society is an ideal place to live in, because of locality, environment and affordability. Majority of people prefer investing there because of its features. Total area of the society is 1865 Kanal. Moreover, you must be thinking of current status of plots. In short, society is not dealing in any kind of plots or houses however; you can buy it from open market.

2. Chinar Bagh Housing Scheme:

This is another landmark housing project that is approved by LDA. The total area of this housing society is more than 5000 Kanals. As per available information it was registered in 1992, one of the oldest housing societies of Lahore. Moreover, it is located about 16 KM from thokhar Niaz Baig. Currently, plots of 1,2 and 4 kanals Residential and 3,4, and 6 Marlas Commercials are available. Furthermore, it consists of 8 Blocks. All the Blocks are developed and have been opened for possession. Lastly, a lot of members have taken the possession of their plots and have started construction of boundary walls and plantation in their plots.

3. Bahria Town Safari:

Safari Villas is another landmark project by Bahria Town. Though the whole of Bahria town is registered and approved this project was specifically initiated to cater to the needs of middle-class. The total area of Bahria safari is 446 Kanals. All houses and plots have been sold out however; you can buy the same from the open market.

4. Fazaia Housing Scheme:

The total area of Fazaia Housing Scheme is more than 4300 Kanals. Moreover, its location is very ideal because it is located on Jeewan Mal, Bhaligil District Lahore. The current status is not clear because as per information all plots are sold our, however, can be purchased from the open market.

5. Green Fort:

It is also one of the oldest housing societies in Lahore. Moreover, it comprises of the total area of more than 2500 Kanals. Furthermore, it is located in near Chung, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore. Official bookings are closed, however, can be purchased from the open market. The following kind of plots are available in Green Fort:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

6. IEP Town:

This down was developed for engineers however with the passage of time everyone has started living here. It is comprised of total area of over 6000 Kanals. It is located near BAGRIAN, SADHOKI, NAGER, Lahore.

7. Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Society:

The total area of this society is around 1500 Kanals and is approved by LDA. Furthermore, it is located very near to Lahore.

8. Izmir Town:

This is also a landmark and successful project in Lahore with community living. The total area of this town is more than 4200 Kanals. Moreover, like many other societies, it is also located near Chung, Thokar Niaz Baig, Lahore. Officially, the sale is closed however; the same can be purchased from the open market.

9. Lake City:

It is one of the largest housing schemes in Lahore and the best place to invest in. Moreover, it comprises of more than 7500 Kanals of land. The society is fully developed and operative. Furthermore, it is located on Raiwind Road. In short, this society is ideal for investment because of its dividends.

10. Nawab Town:

This society is located near Rakh Khamba and comprises of more than 1300 Kanals. Houses of small size are very famous in this society and are an ideal place for middle-income people. If you are earing around 70,000 rupees then you must think of investing here.

11. Naddi Kinary:

The society comprises of an area of 1700 Kanals. This society possesses the same features as are in Nawab Town hence god place for middle-income people.

12. NESPAK Cooperative Housing Society:

First, this society is spread over an area of more than 3000 Kanals. NESPAK Phase 2 is located in Quang, Massala, Rakhpura. Whereas, other phases of NESPAK are located near Sattokatla, Rakhkhamba. This society is highly recommended for investments because it is purely a society of professionals.

13. Pak-Arab Housing Society:

This society is highly recommendable for investment because of its location and security. It is located on Ferozpur Road, near General Hospital. It is constructed on an area of more than 1100 Kanals. Sale and purchase of houses and plots are officially closed however, the same can be done from the open market.

14. Pakistan Atomic Energy Housing Society:

This society is also located on the main road i.e. Multan Road, which is very near to Thokar Niaz Baig. It comprises an area of more than 1500 Kanals.

15. PIA Housing Scheme:

It is located in Sattu Katla, Lahore and comprises an area of over 2100 Kanal. The sale and purchase of houses and plots is underway. You can contact the society by visiting their site and get the required information. However, we recommend you this society because of the fact that this society is located very near and is affordable.
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