Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society In Pakistan

Islamabad is a capital city of Pakistan. Majority of citizens living there are either government employees or students. However, this trend is changing now. Moreover, nowadays everyone wants to live there because of its facilities. Furthermore, the environment of Islamabad is very moderate. Moreover, cleanliness, natural environment, and modern facilities are hallmark of Islamabad. However, the prices of commodities are higher in Islamabad than other cities. Likewise, the prices of plots and houses in Islamabad are also very high due to which people don’t move to Islamabad. Similarly, living standard in Islamabad is also high and to maintain it the expenses are also high. Finally, if one wants to live in Islamabad and get a plot for sale in Islamabad, the best place to live in is Islamabad cooperative housing society.

Islamabad cooperative housing society also known as ICHS Town is a project of Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme near new Islamabad Airport. Moreover, it is a registered project. However, it is registered under the ICT administration cooperative societies department. Moreover, for further clarity, we are mentioning the registration number i.e. 313. Following NOC’s have been obtained by Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society from relevant departments:


The development projects in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society are in progress. Moreover, it is important to mention here that the total area of land is 9000 Kanals. However, it is located near Fateh Jang Road at about 24 kilometers from zero points, Islamabad. Furthermore, the aim of administration is to cater to the population of about 35 to 40 thousand of the population. According to the real estate analysts, this project is going to be a successful project in 2019. In past, it was common that it is a city of the elite of Pakistan. But now this is not the case. Moreover, this is one of the best low-cost housing projects in Islamabad near New Islamabad Airport. ICHS Town Location Map 

Moreover, the location map of Islamabad Cooperative housing society given above shows that this is suitable for both short term and long term investment. Furthermore, as you can see from the map that the society is going to get direct access through the Kashmir Highway Extension. Likewise, this direct access will give people an easy approach to New Islamabad Airport as well as Islamabad. Similarly, society has the unique qualities that it provides with little charges. Following is the chart of basic facilities of the society to its residents:

Sr. No.

Basic facilities

Details of the facilities


Under-ground electricity

Though electricity is provided through underground distribution in the main city. But the society has this unique quality as it provides to all residents.


Street Lights

Lights are installed in all the streets and roads for beautification and facility of residents.



In winters shortage of gas is a major issue in Islamabad. However, the society provides uninterrupted gas supply to its residents.


Sewerage System

The society has an up-to-date system of sewerage. Unlike other societies, there is no issue of leakage.


Schools and Colleges

There are branches of many schools and colleges that are providing education to residents of the society.


Boundary wall

Security is the main issue of Pakistan. Moreover, the society has constructed a boundary wall to keep criminal elements away.


Green belts along roads

There are green belts along roads and streets


The wide carpeted road network

There are roads for the mobility of people through which people can reach Islamabad in 25-30 minutes.


Jamia Masjid

The main masjid is constructed for prayers for residents.



There is a hospital that provides basic facilities of health to its residents.


Parks and shopping centers

There are parks in every block of the town. Furthermore, there is also a shopping center where there are all commodities of daily use.


The development projects in the society are underway. However, you can visit the location and see development work yourself and make the decision. The map Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society is as follow:

ICHS Town Islamabad Map

As it is clear that society is divided into 6 residential sectors comprising mostly of 1 Kanal plot for sale. However, commercial plots for sale are also available in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society. Moreover, the size of commercial plots for sale is different. Likewise, the commercial plots are also available in the commercial markaz of the society. Moreover, ICHS town has recently revised its master plan. Similarly, in its revised plan it has included more blocks with different sizes of residential plots. Zameen for you is sharing a copy of revised master plan below:

ICHS Revised Masterplan

In this section, we will discuss the size of the plot and their prices. Moreover, ICHS Town is an old housing project launched in 1989. However, the majority of good options are available on full payment only. Furthermore, the size of the plots is as follow:

  1. 5 Marla Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society
  2. 7 Marla Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society
  3. 10 Marla Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society
  4. 1 Kanal Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society

The plots for sale are also available on installments. However, the installment plan is of 14 months. Moreover, the prices of plots are also very reasonable. So, we advise you to avail this opportunity for those who want to invest in low-cost housing project. Moreover, it will give you a good return in the future. Furthermore, the price of 5 marla plot for sale is 770,000. Similarly, the price of 7 Marla plot for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society is 1,057,000 in total. Likewise, the price of 10 Marla plot for sale in Islamabad cooperative Housing Society5 Marla Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society is 1,507,000. Finally, the price of 1 Kanal Plots for sale in Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society is 2,659,000 in total. Lastly, we have drawn a chart that is given below:

ICHS Town Payment Plan

In short, it is the best society we advise you to live in. For further details, you can call us or visit our website. Moreover, customers can also download an android app. Moreover, customers and agents get daily updates on real estate through our blogs Similarly, we have made the process so easy that people can oversee the process while sitting at home.