Important Steps How to sell and Transfer your property in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural state however there is a lot of development in other sectors. These sectors include industry, property, trade, and technology. Pakistan is one of the fastest developing countries and nowadays it’s growing very rapidly economically. The property sector of Pakistan is very profitable and there are many property brands that are well known all over the world have to provide the finest high standard housing facilities in Pakistan.
If you have a Property for sale in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and all over Pakistan you must be well known with the selling and property transfer procedure in Pakistan so without any problem you can sell and transfer property in Pakistan.


It is not difficult and complex however you must be well known with all the procedures in order to sell a property safely. There are certain things you need to follow step by step in order to successfully transfer your property to the new person. There are certain legal matters involved in this along with that there is a little complex procedure for safety and that’s why you must be well aware. You can hire a consultant as well as they can help you get the best property deal complete with proper documentation.


However, here is the simple step by step guide you can follow to easily sell and transfer your property for sale.


Prepare your Property for sale in Pakistan

In order to get the best value regarding your Property for sale, you need to prepare your property. There are certain things that you can manage before selling your property. If we talk about a house for sale You need to prepare your house in such a way that it looks attractive. There should be proper maintains and repairs. All the property must be painted with beautiful colors. If your house is looking beautiful and attractive definitely it will have a long-lasting positive impression on the buyer.



In today times advertisement plays a vital role in buying and selling of property especially. You can hire a professional photographer which can help you get attractive photos of your different parts of the property. You can advertise along with the basic information on different platforms. Social media is one of the popular platforms where you can easily advertise. There is a large number of audiences available on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platform. Now a day the real estate & Property portal is in more demanded regarding advertisement. You can utilize these platforms to sell your property in more value very easily as Pakistan’s Best real estate portal is also giving you the chance to free advertise your property.


Find Best Buyer

Finding the best buyer is a big issue nowadays but Zameenforyou gives you the best buyer that you want. Once you have multiple buyers. You can find the best one where you can get instant payment and, more importantly, a better deal. You can choose the best one and after that, you can go for transfer property to that person.

Once you have the right buyer here is how you can transfer your property in Pakistan.


Initial Token Money or Bayana

In Pakistan when you have the buyer he will submit token money or bayana as advance to show his willingness for the property. You are bound to provide the photocopy of the original documents of your property. The other person will verify on the base of the documents you provided weather the property belong to you or not. It will also verify the total land, area, and each and everything.

The most important thing is that when you take an initial deposit from someone you have also bound to sell your property to that person. Selling party is also bound on their commitments that s why make sure that you have the right intention along with all the latest documentation before accepting the initial deposit.


NDC Certificate

If you are selling a property from a housing scheme there are certain different requirements. You need an NDC Certificate from your housing scheme office. It’s actually proof that you have no debts and you have all the legal rights to sell the property. It also shows your clearance and payment of all the taxes. Once you have the NDC Certificate you are free to sell your property.


Transfer Letter              

Once you have all the permission you can transfer your property through transfer letter. It is very essential and critical that’s why it required the presence of both parties at a government office regarding land records and authority. Both parties will provide copies of their identification along with the ID Card with copies of witnesses from both sides.

Both parties will write each and every detail like total value, property identification, size of the property, witness, etc. The buyer will deliver all the amount as decided and the seller on the government will transfer property. The government officer after that transfers the property on the name of the new year.


Property Portal

If you are regularly dealing and buying and selling for commercial purposes or you are looking to buy or sell a property for once time. You need to adopt that latest technology which can help you easily buy and sell commercial and residential property. Zameenforyou is Pakistan’s Best real state portal registered with millions of users all around the world.

You can list your property for sale on this portal you just simply Register as Agent in this portal and within no time you can get a good response. This portal also has an association with the top real estate agents who use to buy and sell property through this portal.

It easy, result-oriented and effective way to buy and sell properties. Once you have access to more than one buyer at one platform you will be in a better condition to find a suitable buyer for your property in Pakistan very easily. Its the best platform to sell your property at a better price very easily. Once you be connected with the digital world your business will be on its best. You will have the ultimate access and approach to a maximum number of clients very easily through an online portal. It's your time now to choose what is more suitable for your business.


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