How to spend time in Corona-virus days?

When you are stuck at home and cannot go out, you will feel bored. Because you can’t go anywhere, it ’s hard to keep yourself busy or do something interesting. Don't worry, even if you don't go out, there are many ways to get rid of boredom, such as playing games with your family, watching movies, homemade snacks, and even building a pillow castle. Having so many choices will definitely make your boring and long day fun.


Fun Activities During Quarantine


Do it manually. Handcrafting is also a good way to kill time when you are bored. Whether it is assembly, creation, or decoration, you can try it as long as you like. Let your imagination fly and try to enjoy the fun of crafting! Every minute and every second of you will become wonderful.


Use glue to draw graphics on paper. Before the glue is dry, sprinkle glitter or colored sand on it to make your paintings sparkle.


Glue the cores of two pieces of toilet paper together to make a pair of eyeglasses.


Use wooden sticks for trunks, colored paper for leaves, and then paste all materials on handmade paper or cardboard-a big tree is finished.



Try painting. Don't worry, it's not only painters or artists who can create their works of art. Painting is a good way to fight boredom and express yourself. If you are trapped at home and feel bored, why not create an interesting work to make this day more interesting?


Anyone can learn basic drawing or sketching. If you were originally an artist, why not challenge yourself and try to paint on stones? Or learn how to draw a horse?


From wet chalk drawing to making sculptures, there are many types of art and handcrafting waiting for you to try. Have you ever made infinite mirrors or Milky Way decorative bottles?


New Activities during Isolation


Try to write down your thoughts. When you are at home alone, you will want to pass the time with writing. You can tell a story by writing, organize your thoughts or express emotions. When you are thinking and writing hard, the boredom is already behind you.


You can write a diary, write a myth, or a short story, a poem.

create music. If you are interested in playing musical instruments or creating music, I suggest you take the time to conceive some new melody. You will surely have great fun from it, and time will fly away unconsciously. So, you who are trapped at home, find your beloved instrument and let the wings of music fly!


Even if you do n’t know how to play musical instruments, you can learn to sing or make simple instruments yourself.


If you feel that the song you created is not bad, record it at home.


Give your house a new look. Re-decorating the house is not only a fun and way to overcome boredom, but it can also refresh your living space and inspire your spirit. As long as the room is arranged to your liking, you can either "do a big job" or "just try it." Therefore, changing the decoration of your home will make your day more interesting and make your living environment more comfortable.


The location of mobile furniture can bring a different sense of space.


Move an item to another room to see if it is more appropriate.


Have you tried building a castle with pillows or blankets? It's really interesting!


The paintings hang up to add luster to the room.



Cooking food. Since you can't go anywhere, just use this great opportunity to make some delicious tastings. Those pre-made products are too boring, I suggest you cook your favorite dishes or have never tried the dishes. With the joining of chai rice, oil, salt, pots, and pans, the dull time will become more exciting.


Is there any simple and delicious food? Try tortilla chips or pasta.


Are you a persistent person in terms of cooking? Do you like to challenge strange recipes? Try caramel bacon or okonomiyaki (a delicious Japanese pancake).


Watch your favorite movie. When you are at home, watching movies is the best way to pass the time. Turn out the favorite one from the collection of movies, or watch an interesting movie that you have never seen before. After choosing, you can sit down and watch.


Enjoy funny videos on youtube. Want to watch a video? Then you must not miss Youtube. No matter what content you like, Youtube can always meet your needs. New videos are uploaded every moment on Youtube, so you never have to worry about nothing to watch.


Swing with your favorite song. In addition to your favorite music, what can make your move? Whether it's a favorite or a new song just released, you can add it to the player as long as you like it. Then just click play, and you will be able to swing with the melody.