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According to census (2018), Population of Pakistan is 200 million. Of which 39 percent live in urban areas. Urban population has increased in recent years due to lack of facilities in villages. Population increase resulted in explosion of Housing societies in Lahore. Many investors and property tycoons took it as an opportunity. They invested in this lucrative business. This gave birth to number of registered and unregistered housing societies in Lahore. These housing societies provided an opportunity to people to buy a home or plot in Lahore. The best thing about housing societies in Lahore is that it gave equal opportunities to all. Moreover, the structure of 5 Marla plots and houses are different from that of 10 Marla houses and plots. However, the structure of houses varies from society to society. In short, these housing societies in Lahore have catered the needs and demands of the masses.

Housing societies in Lahore:

There are many registered and unregistered housing societies in Lahore. Housing societies in Lahore are working for the betterment and uplift of people of the city. They are working to provide international standard facilities to people. The management of housing societies in Lahore has categorized the plots in such a manner that it is catering to the needs of every segment.  Some are working at a massive scale while some are working on small scale. The customers of small housing societies in Lahore usually belong to lower strata of the society. Similarly, the customers of big housing societies in Lahore belong to the elite. The facilities provided by housing societies in Lahore are exemplary. It is due these facilities that people are migrating to Lahore at large scale.

The major reason behind large-scale migration towards Lahore is the quality services provided by housing societies in Lahore. Houses on installments and rent are available. Moreover, the prices' and rent are cheap. Though there is a number of Housing societies that are working in Lahore some of them are as below:

1. Lahore Central Park

2. City garden Lahore

Lahore Real Estate:

Mass migration has given a boost to the real estate business of Lahore. Investors started to selling and buying of plots coupled with houses. Lahore real estate further boosted with the entry of business tycoons in Housing. Property agents are the major stakeholders in Lahore real estate. Some of them have restrained themselves to certain limits due to limited resources. Their offices are in different housing societies of Lahore.

Lahore is the financial and political hub of Pakistan in general and Punjab in particular. Lahore real estate boosted with the increase in urbanization and commercialization. This in turn increased the demand of housing societies in Lahore. A demand of housing societies in Lahore encouraged investors to invest. Thus, increasing the net worth Lahore real estate. Though there remain chances of loss in every business. Yet, Lahore real estate is one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. Therefore, this has restored investors' trust in Lahore real estate.

Property for sale in Lahore Central Park


Central Park Lahore:

Central Park Housing Scheme is one of the best housing societies in Lahore. It is located at Ferozpur road, Lahore. It is develop by Urban Developers, Lahore. Currently, Central Park Lahore covers an area of 9500 kanals. What differentiates it from other housing societies of Lahore are its features. It includes following features:

1. It includes all facilities naming electricity, gas, water, and sewerage system.

2. Hospital with 24/7 services

3. 500 kanal park with kids’ corner, cricket ground, jogging track and other activities

4. School i.e. Lahore Grammar School

5. Medical college

6. Full proof security

7. Surveillance cameras

8. Operational market

9. Commercial areas

10. Public washroom

These above mentioned a feature distinguishes Central park housing from otherhousing societies in Lahore. Similarly, Central Park Housing has restored trust of people in the housing societies of Lahore. The main reason behind restoration of trust is their features. Furthermore, prices of plots vary from size of plot and house. The construction can only be done after approval of the concerned quarters. In a nutshell, Central Park Lahore is most suitable society for students and employees alike. As its distance from main areas is very short. Main areas include schools, colleges, markets, etc.

Property for sale in City garden Lahore

City Garden Lahore:

Housing societies in Lahore are the major factor behind the rise of Lahore real estate. These housing societies in Lahore have catered the needs of millions. They provided shelter along with creation of employment opportunities. City Garden Lahore is one of the many housing societies in LahoreCity Garden is located next to Lahore Ring Road, near Raiwind Road Lahore. Though it is located in the suburbs of Lahore but the expectations are that the prices are likely to rise. The main reason behind increase in prices is rapid development of the area.

The authorities have categorized the prices of plots. The price of plots differ in case person is a government employee, oversees, and other people. Similarly, size of plots range from 3.5 marla to 1 kanal. Likewise, prices are high if a person is common citizen. For example, price of 3.5 marla plot in City garden Lahore is 735,000 for government employees and overseas. Whereas, price of same plot for others is 770,000. City Garden Lahore also provides facility of installments. There are many people who cannot afford payment of lum sum amount. To cater there needs facility of installments is available. They can pay in thirty small installments. In a nutshell, it can be said that City Garden Lahore is best suited for middle income people.

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