House for sale in Lahore & Price Details in Different Societies

Buying and selling a house in Pakistan very complex and time-consuming. Furthermore, before making any decision about which property to buy, you should be aware of the market dynamics. Thus, if you know about the market dynamics you’re likely to make fewer losses in the field of real estate. Likewise, make a list of features you want in a house along with the available budget. Afterward, make a list of things you desire to have but are non-essential. However, make proper research of about the market value of the property. Likewise, meet a maximum number of real estate agents and attend auctions. However, Zameen for you has made the life of customers easier. We provide all services at one platform. Moreover, we conduct awareness seminar and we have registered real estate agents who provide services without any risk. Lastly, we operate through the android app as well as through the website.

The population of Pakistan is increasing at a rapid pace. Moreover, it has increased up to 200 million. Thus, the demand of housing has also increased. Therefore the prices of houses have also gone upward in recent years. Furthermore, every size of house for sale in Lahore is available. The sizes include.

  • 3 Marla house for sale
  • 5 Marla house for sale
  • 10 Marla house for sale
  • 1-Kanal house for sale

The amount of a house varies from society to society. Furthermore, there are many high profile societies that do not offer 3 Marla houses for sale. For example, Bahria Town and Defense housing authorities do not offer 3 Marla houses for sale. Whereas, small societies offer houses of 3 Marla. Likewise, there are some societies in different cities that only deal in sale and purchase of plot. In these societies, buyers have to construct house themselves. For example, in Karachi, people prefer small houses because the cost of housing is too high. Thus, to cater the demand many known societies also offer 3 Marla house for sale. Similarly, in Lahore, there are few societies that offer 3 Marla house for sale. Thus, it can be assumed that the size of a house does not matter because societies consider location.

In this section of the blog we will shed light on leading housing societies of Pakistan. There are many housing societies that are operating in Pakistan. Similarly, some of them are operating locally i.e. in one city, while some of them operate in Lahore and the whole of Pakistan. Both of them are providing good services to their residents. However, the price of housing societies operating countrywide is slightly higher than societies operating locally. Similarly, they operate after getting No Objection Certificate from local administration. In short list of both housings, societies are as follow.


   1. Housing societies operating countrywide:

Top Housing Societies in Lahore

  1. Bahria Town
  2. Defense Housing Authority (DHA)
  3. Askari Housing Society
  4. Wapda Town


     2.Housing societies operating at the local level:

local housing societies in Lahore


  1. City Garden Lahore
  2. Lahore Motorway City
  3. Gwadar Golf City
  4. Omega Homes Lahore
  5. Central Park Lahore
  6. Pak Arab Housing Society


There are many other housing societies as well that are operating countrywide and locally. However, this is the list of societies that can be relied on while buying a house.

3 Marla House for sale:

First, 3 Marla house for sale is very famous among people of low income. It is because of the reason that the cost of a plot plus construction is very low. Moreover, people of same social status live in the neighborhood. So there is no issue of insecuritySocieties, the price of 3 Marla house for sale range from 5,000,000 to 6,500,000. Likewise, some societies do not offer 3 Marla plots and houses. For example, Bahria town and DHA do not offer. It is due to the reason that their customer belongs to elite class so they do not require this segregation. However, some societies have targeted middle income and low-income people as their customers. Moreover, some societies also offer 3 Marla house for sale on installments. In such cases, customers get possession of a house by paying down payment and fulfilling other formalities.

The structure of 3 Marla house is more or less same in every society. Because the size of the plot is very small so the size of the rooms is also kept small. The structure of a house is as follow.

  1. Two bedrooms with baths
  2. Small TV lounge
  3. Small storeroom
  4. Drawing room

However, this house is best suited for small families. Moreover, if this house is purchased on installments than the buyer has to comply with installment policy of the society.

5 Marla house for sale:

Majority of Pakistani’s belonging to the middle class. Due to lack of facilities in rural areas they have to migrate towards cities. Thus the majority of them prefer to buy a house rather than to rent a house. Furthermore, 5 Marla house for sale is neither very expensive nor very cheap. In short, they best suit the middle-income people. Similarly, the price of 5 Marla house for sale is different in all societies. For example, the price of 5 Marla house in DHA and Bahria town is high. Whereas, the price of the same house in local societies might be low. Moreover, all houses of this size are in the same block. However, the price of 5 Marla house for sale range from 7,500,000 to 8,000,000. Lastly, many societies offer these houses on installments. However, the installment policy is different in different societies.

In this section, we will guide our customers about the structure of these houses. Mostly, the structure of houses of this size remains the same in different societies. The structure of 5 Marla houses is below:

  1. Three bedrooms with attach washrooms
  2. Dining and drawing room
  3. TV lounge
  4. Garage
  5. Kitchen

10 Marla house for sale:

In Pakistani society, there is a demand for every kind of house. However, the demand of 10 Marla house for sale is increasing. It is due to the reason that 10 Marla house has a reasonable space and best suits the family of 5-6 persons. Thus, every housing society of Pakistan considers it binding to have 10 Marla plots or houses. Furthermore, the price of 10 Marla house for sale depends on the location of the house. For example price of 10 Marla house located in Gujranwala is lower than a house located in Lahore. Furthermore the price also differs from society to society. For example, the price of the same house located in DHA or Bahria town is higher than the house located in city garden. Moreover, all facilities are available in these houses.

1 Kanal House for sale:

These houses are only affordable to the elite class. Because the price of these houses is too high that low and middle income cannot afford it. Furthermore, 1 Kanal house for sale is very distinctive in their features. However, the major advantage of 1 Kanal house for sale is their neighborhood. Families of equal status live together.

Features of a house in housing societies:

  1. Full proof security
  2. Friendly environment
  3. Ample wall space for a photo gallery
  4. Radiant floor heating
  5. A keeping room
  6. Built-in wiring and conduits for flat screen TVs
  7. Darker paints
  8. A separate tub and shower
  9. An upstairs laundry room
  10. Exteriors with natural or natural-looking materials
  11. Low-voltage lighting

The table below shows the comparison of prices in different housing societies. However, the prices are different in all housing societies. Thus, average prices are given below for the convenience of customers. Furthermore, these prices are not final because these are average prices. Moreover, this comparison is between the societies that are operating countrywide. Therefore, 3 Marla houses are not available with them.

Table 1: Details of Price in Different Countrywide Housing Societies


3 Marla house for sale

5 Marla house for sale

10 Marla house for sale

1 Kanal House for sale

Bahria Town

Not Available

10-11 Million

17-20 Million

40-42 Million

Defense Housing Authority

Not available

15-17 Million

28-30 Million

40-60 Million

Askari Housing

Not available

Not available

20-25 Million

32-35 Million

Wapda Town

Not available

13-15 Million

18-24 Million

38-45 Million


Similarly, the chart is drawn below which shows the comparison between the prices of houses at local societies.

Table 2: Details of Price in Different local Housing Societies


3 Marla house for sale

5 Marla house for sale

10 Marla  house for sale

1 Kanal house for sale

Lahore Motorway city


43-50 Lacs`

80-82 Lacs


Omega Homes Lahore

44-45 Lacs




Pak Arab Housing Society

70-75 Lacs

1.10-1.30 crore

2.50-2.80 crore

3.00-3.50 crore

Central Park Lahore


65-85 Lacs

1.10-1.50 crore

2.00-2.10 crore


We also advise our customers that they should take caution before buying a house. Moreover, there is a list of do’s and don’ts, customers should consider before buying. Thus, a customer should demand a copy of papers of a house from the seller. Moreover, he should also see from the official website of government and make sure that the housing society is registered. Furthermore, do not go by what the broker tells you. Try to make research yourselves instead of believing anyone. Furthermore, many times brokers just mention the basic cost and not other factors. These factors include development fees, preferential location charges, parking, club, statutory charges, and service tax, which escalate the total cost. Ask for the final cost of the property.

The customers should also check the site and location. Likewise, if the site is the main hub of any city than definitely, the price will be high. In addition, make the sure that the size of the plot is equal to the size you are looking for Pakistan's. Moreover, Zameen for you is well aware of the concerns of customers. Thus, we not only provide a platform where customers can get a risk free environment. Moreover, the terms and conditions of the buying are set in a highly friendly environment. Likewise, terms and conditions are made with mutual agreement. Similarly, we provide full information regarding real estate in our blogs Or House for rent in Lahore that is updated on daily basis.

We also operate through android app. Customers can simply download our app and get regular updates. However, list of major services we provide is as follow.

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