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Every person cannot afford to buy a house. Thus, people take a house on rent. Similarly, when people move from one place to another they require a house for shelter. So for that purpose, they have to either buy a house or take on a rent. Moreover, house for rent is also available for visitors. The general categories of people seeking a house for rent are.

  • People migrating from one place to another
  • People visiting the place for month or year
  • Students coming for studying
  • Businessmen entering for the purposes of business

Security is the biggest concern of today in Pakistan. Due to terrorism people shy to lease their houses for rent. However, Zameen for you is a reliable institute that works to provide you a friendly environment. Moreover, we work to develop cordially relation between landlord and tenant. Likewise, we provide all particulars of the tenant to the landlord for his satisfaction. In short, we are the only institute that takes full responsibility of everything we commit.

House for rent in Pakistan:

The population of Pakistan is increasing day by day. Therefore the demand for housing is also increasing. Similarly, most people could not afford their own home. Thus, people prefer to get a house for rent. Moreover, the amount of rent is different in different societies. Likewise, the amount of rent depends on the size of a house. For example, the rent of 5 Marla house in Johar town is 25000-30000. Whereas, the amount of rent for a same home in DHA is 38,000-40,000. Furthermore, furnished houses are also available for rent. The furnished homes include.

  • Beds in all Bedrooms
  • Air conditioners in all rooms
  • All accessories in kitchen
  • Sofas in drawing rooms and TV lounge
  • Garden chairs

Most families in Pakistan live in joint family system. So whenever any of them migrates they all move. Majority of them have migrated for the sake of education of their children. Moreover, they try to search house that is cheap and close to their workplace. Furthermore, people also migrate from one place to another to seek employment. So they also want to take house for rent in Pakistan near their workplace. Similarly, houses are available based on the preference of customers. Thus, to meet the needs of people Zameenforyou is operating throughout Pakistan. It through its authorized real estate agents provides houses for rent. Moreover, it also guarantees their friendly relationship. However, it makes sure that parties adhere to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Furthermore, we along with landlord register the rent agreement with registrar. In short we make all out efforts to facilitate both parties.


House for rent in Lahore:

Lahore is the political and financial hub of Punjab. Therefore, people come to Lahore for multiple purposes. For example, some people come to Lahore for education. Similarly, some people come to Lahore for educational purpose. Thus, many housing societies and private individuals built homes to lease them. So it can be said that house for rent in Lahore are in abundance.  Moreover, house for rent in Lahore are given on lease usually for eleven months. The security of three months is paid to landlord by the tenant. Moreover, it is included in the terms that rent be paid before 7th of every month. In short house of every size is available on rent in Lahore in all areas.

One of the most visited sites of Pakistan is Zameenforyou. We provide our services in all parts of the Country with head office in Lahore. Moreover, we also provide our services to customers who are looking house for rent in Lahore. Furthermore, we have more than 2000 registered real estate agents working with us. They are working days and nights to provide better facilities to customers. In short, we provide all kind of services including house for rent in Lahore to our customers.

House for rent in Defense:

As per latest search trends DHA is the most-searched locality of Lahore by tenants. There are valid reasons behind this trend. Let’s discuss them one by one. First, the services provided by DHA Lahore have no match. Moreover, they have uplifted the lifestyle of Lahori’s. These services are below for the convenience of readers.

  • Neighborhood Watch System.
  • Traffic Control system.
  • Electronic Security system.
  • Security Guard Patrolling.
  • Mobile Security Teams.
  • Mosques and parks.
  • Hospital and school.
  • Assisting Punjab Police to maintain Law and Order within DHA.
  • Rescue 1122.

House for rent in Defense has many other features also. But we were discussing the reason of top searched locality of Lahore for tenants. The second reason is the security of DHA. The security is the biggest concern of people nowadays. Similarly, they collaborate with Punjab police to maintain law and order. Moreover, there are Mobile Security Teams that patrol all night. Third, environmental issues are creating health problems for the people. Thus, DHA is keen to provide clean environment to its citizens. There are green belts around roads and in front of houses. Fourth, Defense Housing Authority provides community living to its residents. Lastly, the management is keen to provide modern facilities to its citizens. In short, DHA is one of the leading housing society of South Asia with all modern facilities. Thus, house for rent in defense is trending for the reasons mentioned above.  

DHA is the most searched housing society by tenants. However, cantt stands at second. Whereas, Gulberg stands at third place. Some other prominent localities among potential tenants in Lahore include Johar Town, Model Town, Askari and Bahria Town. However, great demand of houses for rent in defense Lahore has made these homes highly demanding and their demand has increased ever since. Due to high demand DHA Lahore has expanded itself. Currently, DHA Phase 9 is under construction. The interested investors can invest there. For further details of investment in Dha Phase 9 read our blog. Moreover, as per our research and findings, the amount of rent of 10 Marla house in DHA Lahore is 90,000.

Zameen for you is also working actively in defense housing authority. Moreover, it has registered agents in every corner of society. Therefore, it is highly recommended that people who want to take house for rent in defense should use the channel of Zameenforyou. Because we provide risk-free services to our customers.