Facilities That Ensure Quality Lifestyle in Bahria Town Lahore

Lahore is the most popular city of Pakistan from olden times. This is currently the center of all trade, education, and transportation in Pakistan.we can say that it is the finest and most desirable living city of Pakistan. Lahore is always a top choice of people for residential and commercial purpose. Bahira town Lahore is leading property project of Pakistan owned by Malik Riaz who is the pioneer of Bahria Town which is foremost property group in Pakistan.

Malik Riaz is one of the wealthiest people of Pakistan and their vision has changed the structure of the housing project in Pakistan. They have facilitated Bahria town Lahore to the maximum level to provide one of the most comfortable residential and commercial society in Lahore. You can find properties for sale in Bahria Town from the online Real Estate portal Zameenforyou.

There are serval reasons due to which you and your family can ensure a quality standard lifestyle in Bahria town Lahore. Some of these main reasons are as following



There are a lot of best housing project in Lahore but if you ask for luxury, Bahria Town Lahore is the most luxurious housing project of Bahria Town Group. It has all the leisure of modern life. It includes a golf course, Five Star hotels, Theme Park, spa and fitness center, Country club and every modernizes facility you can imagine in a housing facility. It improves your living standard boost up your value in your friends and family and gives you the extra edge for being part of the most lavish housing society.


Safe and Secure

Bahria town Lahore has its own patrolling police. They are equipped with the latest security cameras along with modernizing automatic gates with guards and security. The patrolling police keep move throughout Bahria town to make assure the safety of its residents. This all the measures are taken to make sure that Bahria town will be the safest zone and there will be no danger to anyone. Pakistan is facing terrorism from a long time and from that time the safety of every resident is the most important priority for Bahria town.


Self Generated Energy Resources

Pakistan has a lack of energy resources and electricity shutdown is a major issue from past years. Bahria town Lahore has provided a complete solution by providing self-generated energy. It's mean you don’t worry about the electricity shut down in Bahria town. This isn’t a great facility in a country where others life is disturbed due to energy crises. This initiative has given Bahia town an extra edge than all the other housing societies in Lahore.No other housing society is able to facilitate like that before and that’s why Bahria Town Lahore is so much valuable.


Outstanding Architecture

Along with the facilitation, Bahria town has used tremendous architecture and structure. Their roads, streets, lanes, blocks, garden, parks and important landmark are full of beautiful monuments, statues, art sculptures, and building architectures. They have specific building designs for every portion and block which overall make it a beautiful architectural living society. It is due to its architecture world are known as the most beautiful housing project of Lahore.



Bahria town Lahore is well famous for his entertaining theme park. They have a duplicate of Eiffel Tower which is the most visited iconic structure on Lahore especially on new year night people from far and wide places celebrate new year night at Bahria town Lahore. There are community centers, cinemas, sports complex and many more entertaining facilities you can avail at BTL.


Safe Investment

Bahria town is the sole leading property group in Pakistan for many years. It is growing day by day with the passage of time. It is now considered as a symbol of high standard living in Pakistan. It is not popular in Pakistan only but now has globally also a well recognized real estate project.

They have provided all facilitations to a luxurious standard. Despite high property value demand of Bahria town, Lahore is getting higher growth day by day. As it is a symbol of status now everybody wants to be part of Pakistan great housing project. It is understood that the more the demand the more there will be an increment in the value. It is said that from the last decade people have earned 200% from Bahria town Lahore. There is also well established commercial markets which are just the perfect place for business growth.



Despite being Pakistan best housing project most important thing about Bahria town Lahore is that it is easily affordable even for the middle class. There is a payment plan available which are very easy and everyone can afford it. All the residential and commercial plots are available in Installments so that everyone can afford it. If you really want to be a part of Pakistan best housing project you can afford it by selecting a payment plan according to your income.


Best Health Facilities

Along with all amenities, Bahria Town Lahore has focused on Providing basic facilities required for survival which include best health facilities. Health is considered as the greatest virtue and doesn’t matter how much facilities you have until and unless you are healthy. Bahria town providing it level best to assure that in case of any medical problem its resident can get immediate treatment from specialized doctors. It has a hospital which includes professional doctors with all other latest machinery. There is Bahria International Hospital, Lifecare Hospital, and Bahria International Hospital Orchard.


Community Centers

Bahria town Lahore has separated community club with all lavatories to entertain guests, arrangements for business dealing with clients. It is located in the centralized location of Bahria Town Lahore. There are especially room built with attractive décor. If you are a member of that club you will have the following privileges on this community club.

5-star hotel

Luxury room

Banquet Halls

Signature and private lounge

There are a luxury family swimming pool, fine dining and Ecstatic Bar areas along with that you can enjoy many indoor sports such as squash, a snooker club and much more. In short, you can have a great community gathering experience in Bahria town Lahore which is very rare in another housing project in Lahore. You can find detail about the house for sale in Bahria town Lahore from their website.


Commercial Zone

Bahria town Lahore is not only well known for his luxury residential homes and villas but equally important as a commercial zone. There is separated allocated place for the commercial zone which is the center of trade in Bahria Town Lahore. There is always great business opportunity over there along with that Bahria town residents can avail nearby shopping from these commercial markets.


Best Education Facilities

Bahria town Lahore has also focused on priority bases on finest quality education. There are all top education brands in Bahria town Lahore such as beacon house school system, along with Bahria town school campus and other educational institute providing high standard education to its resident.


Heaven On Earth

Heaven is considered as the most comfortable destination, As a Muslim definitely there is no comparison between real heaven and Bahria town Lahore but still this housing project try their all resources and effort to provide the most comfortable housing project of Lahore. They have facilitated their resident with every possible way and their efforts made it one of the best housing society of Lahore. You can get all the details about Bahria Town Lahore from Pakistan best online portal.
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 All these upper mentioned qualities ensure that it is one of the most luxurious, safest and most entertaining housing project with all world class facilities. It is simply amazing to be a part of such housing project for everyone.