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The Capital Smart City of Islamabad is the latest housing project which is the first smart city project in Islamabad and 4th in Asia. It is unique because of its many features which make this housing project a self-staining and eco-friendly, smart city. It is one of the unique property projects in Pakistan which not only provide great investment opportunity but along with that focus on the eco-friendly environment with the use of the latest technology and that’s why Capital Smart City project is best in Islamabad.
Today world is adopting this technology so they can make their living standards more beautiful without interference in the environment.


CSCI is a joint project between future holdings development and Habib Rafique (Pvt). These both are well-reputed for their past working in Bahria town Islamabad and DHA Islamabad along with their fast going project Royal Orchard in other cities of Pakistan. They are well known not only for the latest development but also for experts in creating green and safe housing projects that are is healthy for the residents and nature as well.


Here are the main features which make Capital Smart City Islamabad The Moderate housing project of Pakistan.You can also search for plots for sale in Capital City Islamabad from the best online REAL Estate Portal


 This city is in the most centralized locations, as it is just near to Islamabad International Airport. They locate it as Lahore Islamabad Motorway, which is the most popular traveling route between the two top cities of Pakistan. Because of availability near motorway and airport, the location of the housing project is considered as the ideal location and it also linked with CPEC Route. It has a large area of 55,000 canals are expected to grow. This housing society is easily accessible to all main routes, especially from M-2 Motorway.

 Smart City

This is totally designed as a very smart city because you will found a proper mapping of everything. It is environmental friendly along with that world-class infrastructure and especially proper routes with modern metro business. Above all, you can get updated with the latest apps regarding traffic, weather, electricity and much more. This is definitely your first choice as it is the latest along with that still contains 30% area especially from greenery and theme parks which makes it totally environment-friendly and healthy for all its residents.

Safe & Secure

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and it is also the most secure city but as everybody loves to be as protected as he could be CSCI providing the latest security facility which contains the have specially dedicated team for security with all the latest tools and technology to ensure that everybody citizens must be safe and secure from all the danger and they can enjoy a healthy living with safety.

Smart City Command and Control Unit

It is a large project and covers a large area but still. They design it in such a way that all functions, programs, and the system are controlled from a command-and-control unit. In case of any problem, the command unit will immediately respond and the residents can live with no problem.

Medical and Educational Institution

Education in the smart city is always on top priority along with the health facilities. In a smart city, there are complete solutions for education and health. There are also emergency medical facilities available as it is necessary for the safety and health of the citizen.

Luxury Hotels.

A smart city is not only safe, secure and nature-friendly but also luxurious housing projects as well. You will find all the latest facilities along with the best 5-star luxury hotels where you can get the best hospitality services from all over Islamabad. You can find details about other luxury hotels from Best real estate portal in Islamabad.

Capital Parks and Resort.

As compared to other housing societies smart cities do not focus only on the commercial and residential area but is equally important on theme parks and resort. It is one of the greenest housing projects of Islamabad as its 33% of lands contain greenery and based on parks and resorts. It is definitely the reason why it is an eco-friendly and healthy housing project as compared to other housing projects of Islamabad.

 Smart City

This project is smart because it focuses on three main fundamentals which make a housing project look smarter. First, it focuses on the smart economy, which includes job opportunities and smart management of all the resources. This projects providing 90,000 jobs and that makes a great difference to the economy along with that it uses all the land in a very smart way. Second, it focuses on smart housing, which ensures comfortable living using the latest tools and technology. Last, it focuses on a smart environment that contains green theme parks and an eco-friendly environment which is a top need of nature.


Capital Smart City Islamabad is no doubt the unique housing project of Islamabad which not only providing the best residential and commercial facilities but focuses mainly on providing a green, healthy and eco-friendly environment to all its residents. It is designed by one of the well-reputed firms in Singapore, which are specialized in designing smart city projects all over the world.

The smart city takes care of all its residents in the best way using the latest tools and technology and there are also great investment opportunities available in this housing project. It is considered the best housing project in Pakistan, and that’s why it’s getting growing day by day.

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