10 Reason Why the Rates of DHA are higher than other societies?

Defense Housing Authority is the premier housing project in Pakistan. It was originally built for army officers (civil and defense officers from all security forces) but after its popularity, it is allowed to the general public as well. It is one of the best housing authorities of Pakistan. You can find details of all property for sale in DHA from Pakistan's best real estate portal.

It is operated from March 1975 as the best housing project in Lahore under the supervision of management from armed forces. It was designed for armed officers so they make assured that it will be the safe, secure and green housing project with all the world-class lavatories. It is now developing successfully in other cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Karachi, Gujranwala, Hyderabad, and Multan. It definitely due to the success in Lahore.

There are many benefits you can prevail in DHA as compared all other housing projects that’s why its rate due to high demand is more than as compared to other housing projects. Here is some reason why people willingly pay a high price for DHA.


You will always rate any housing society by keeping in view its location because it plays a vital role in the value of any housing project. The best thing about DHA which makes it so much value is its location. It is on one of the most ideal locations of Lahore. It is one of the best-centralized locations of Lahore which is also near to the international airport. It is near to Qainchi stop which is linked with the metro bus.

It's easy to freely move from DHA to all over Lahore and near supermarkets such as packages mall and many more. Besides Lahore, it is also on good site at every city and the price value of that location is also very much high in demand. In Multan, it is near shah rukne alam tool plaza, which is a 2-minute drive from BZU University, 15 minutes drive from International Airport,20 minutes drive away from motorway and Railway station.DHA also has another project in Islamabad, Gujranwala, Karachi, and Hyderabad.


Safe & Secure

As earlier mentioned this housing society is designed by keeping in view the safest and security of armed forces that’s why it is properly secure and safe. There is the availability of police, security cameras, automated gates with security guards and all the latest tools and technology using by modernizing housing project for security purpose. There is a proper security plan for each and every block, proper patrolling of police cars makes it more safe and secure. It is considered one of the safest places for residents.


Proper Planned and organized Society

DHA has many different phases in Lahore and all are well developed. Total 9 phases of DHA already developed and 2 are in under construction. It is also running successfully in other cities of Pakistan. Each phase is completely designed and planned with the name which is further divided into a number of plots and proper allocation for markets and commercial markets.

It also includes green paths, open roads and community center, sports ground according to need of every phase and block. This is a result of proper planning and management and that’s why everybody loves it for residency and commercial purpose.DHA has also announced signal free corridor to link different phases. You can find a house for sale in  DHA at any phase which suits your choice.


Health Facilitation

Health is undoubtedly one of the greatest virtue and its always on top priority for everyone. All the main hospital in Lahore is available near to DHA. It includes The National Hospital, DHA Medical center in Phase 3, Defense National Hospital and Rasheed Hospital. There is also the availability of clinics of different specialist doctors. In case of an emergency, you can get immediate medical treatment.

Commercial Markets

DHA is not only a good housing society for residential only but it’s a great place for commercial purpose. It includes separated allocated places for commercial markets which include all national and international brands, food brands and every necessity of life to luxurious items, etc.

 These commercial markets in every phase and you can easily shop at your block.DHA is also near to Packages Mall which is one of the biggest shopping malls of Pakistan and includes every item from clothing, decoration, household to every need of life. There is also a market in W block, DHA Consumer Market, H block market and much more. You can also start your business in those commercial market as there is a great possibility of growth.


House on Renting

The best thing is that house for rent in DHA also available if you are unable to have your own home still you can live in DHA on rent and can enjoy world-class housing facilities. You can easily find a suitable house for rent in DHA at affordable price depend upon the location of the house.


Community Centers

DHA is well known for his community centers, sports clubs, and all world class cinemas and other theme parks. This housing society is very friendly in nature and celebrate every event to its full in their community centers. This is what makes this housing society more popular. It includes phase iv community club, a community center in Phase 1, Defense R Club, Defense club tennis court, Training Fellows and a lot more which provide a great atmosphere to the residence of the defense housing authority.


Educational Facilitation

DHA has its own education system which is the best education system in Pakistan its called DHAES. Its operates different school and colleges in DHA different phases. They are providing quality education at an affordable fee to the resident of DHA. This is why everybody preferred to be in Defense Housing Authority. This education system include

DHA Kindergarten, DHA junior campus in  T Block and Z block, Senior school for girls and boys, Defence college for women and boys.

DHA also includes some of the finest educational Institutes of Pakistan such as LUMS (Lahore University Of Management Sciences), LGS (Lahore Grammer School) and Beacon house School System.

Green Environment

DHA is designed as a green and healthy society to provide comfortable pollution free environment to its resident.There are plants and tree as well as proper designed parks and playground which makes DHA look more fascinating.

Best Property Investment

DHA is also so much popular because it is considered as the best property investment. There are commercial markets and house, a plot which are in high demand and you can make a good return against your investment in DHA.


It’s a fact that prices of property in DHA are higher which is between 4 to 7 lakh per marla but you can’t have such privileges and high standard living in any other housing society that’s why it is still best housing society of Pakistan. You can find all the details on Pakistan best online Property portal.