About Us

Real estate sector of Pakistan is growing by heaps and bounds due to rapid increase in population. More and more people are showing interest in this sector owing to high profitability. Zameenforyou is a Company trying to revolutionize the sector through its innovative techniques. Moreover, we offer a platform to the dealers to develop, purchase, sell, and lease properties out throughout the country. Basically, we facilitate our valued customers in searching and buying of properties. Furthermore, we offer companies, real estate agents, and corporate groups to advert their business on different forums.

In short we facilitate people of different segments to share their views that help customer understand general situation of the market. It is highly important to understand the market situation in order to reap maximum dividends.

Our aim:

Our aim is to provide hassle free services to our valued customers. We are striving to share the dividends equally between customers and the Company. We believe in quality services coupled with zero risk. We proudly claim to be the only Company in Pakistan which is result oriented. We offer a competitive,   innovative, and an alternative platform for listing, searching, marketing, and connectivity among buyers and sellers, and lessors and lessees’.


Our services are based on an innovative idea of sharing dividends. They are two-facet:


By users we mean people who are not professionally involved in this sector. We aspire to protect the interests of our valued customers. We provide assurance that services we offer are not under any obligation. We endeavor to provide maximum convenience so as to facilitate you in your search. Through our service, we provide end-to-end assistance to our valued customers in property buying & selling - right from property search to legal formalities and purchase without any caveat. Finally, we make to come up on to our promises as agreed between the Company and customer.


We are making lucrative offers to property advisors so as to increase the prospects of their business. We understand that majority of people engage in sale and purchase through agents. Considering the fact we are undertaking efforts to increase their client base. Apart from this, we are building our repute more as a marketing company than to witch-hunt.

We cordially invite you to be part of Zameenforyou family in order to market your business and increase clientage. This is the only forum that provides you to market your business coupled with property listing. Don’t waste time and contact us to get you membership.